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Bodhi Linux Final Release Candidate Goes Live

The Bodhi Linux team and I are proud to announce the release of our third and final release candidate. This release includes several important bug fixes including several that increase boot time. For a full change log please see the forum post here.

The first thing you will notice is that we now have a new background image for the LiveCD menu and your grub menu:

Bodhi pride's itself on being minimalistic so it doesn't come with much in the way of default applications. We also highly value user input and after conducting a poll we came to the conclusion that Fiefox 4.0 was no longer the best default browser. After having almost a three way split between Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4.0, and Chromium for favorite browser, the team and I made the choice of going with something that was light and wouldn't take up much disc space on the default install.

The winner ended up being Midori. Midori is a fast, GTK based, webkit browser that has an install foot print of only a few megabytes. After working with the Midori developers the browser now also supports the AptURL protocol necessary for it to function with our online software center.

Speaking of default software - you will notice one new tool in the default install of Bodhi. The light weight graphical text editor Leafpad is now packaged by default. Don't worry, this is the last added application you will see in Bodhi.

After installing you will notice that our login screen no longer has excessively large "login" text on it:

After logging in you will notice we have a new theme in our default selection - Brown on Bodhi:

If you are using Bodhi on a tablet computer you should be happy to know we are now using the developmental (but stable and sleek) ELFE launcher by default in our tablet profile:

ELFE video preview:

The team at Bodhi has also been steadily growing. We have four translators working on our team now and you will find our quick start guide (default local home page on the disc) is now available in five languages.

This is our last release candidate before our "stable" release at the end of this month. We are fairly certain most of the kinks are worked out at this point, but if you do find any bugs please be sure to let us know about them!

You can get Bodhi in 32bit flavor via direct download here or torrent download here.

~Jeff Hoogland

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