Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

Bodhi Linux 1.0.0 Stable Release Goes Live

After two more weeks of hacking and user feedback since our final release candidate the Bodhi Team and I are proud to announce the availability of the first ever Bodhi Linux Stable release (1.0.0). This release includes a couple minor bug fixes and a few final touches polish wise. For a full change log see here. The first thing you will notice when starting the newest Bodhi disc is that our plymouth (boot splash) has a sleek new look:

In addition to the standard plymouth being reworked - a text based plymouth is now installed by default so older/virtual systems no longer display the harmless "missing library" message that had looked tacky in the previous versions.

After booting the live CD you will be greeted by the same profile and then theme selections that you where provided with previously. There is one change to the profiles however, the "Desktop" profile is now laid out in a manner that will make those coming from KDE/Linux Mint's Gnome feel at home:

Regarding the default application selection there has been a single change from what is found on the 0.1.7 release. The nautilus elementary file browser has been removed in favor of the latest version of the light weight and feature rich PCManFM file browser.

You will also notice two changes in the main menu. First there is now a Bodhi entry for quickly accessing our Quick Start Guide, Software Page, and Art website:

Second, all your system configuration tools are no longer buried like they where in previous version - they are under applications with the rest of your programs:

Current Bodhi users do not need to reinstall for these changes to take effect. Simply apt-get update && apt-get upgrade as root on your Bodhi system (or use synaptic) and you will pull down an relevant updates. New users can download the ISO via direct download from here.

This is our first ever "stable" release and we want feedback on it now more than ever! If you know of anywhere that does reviews of Linux distributions be sure to let them know about Bodhi - the more people that are using the distro the better it will become.

For those wondering about our version numbering scheme. The first number represents a major release, the center number represents a kernel update, and the third number presents a minor package update release. Bodhi 1.0.0 should be our final release until we have the 2.6.38 kernel ready to go - so expect a Bodhi 1.1.0 disc some time towards the end of May. Our major release cycle is set to go from Ubuntu LTS to LTS, so a Bodhi 2.y.z should not be expected any time before the end of the summer of 2012.

Finally, a big thank you to the entire Bodhi team and our every growing community that made this release possible!

~Jeff Hoogland

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