Senin, 30 Juli 2012

Bodhi Linux 2.0.1 - Bug Fix Release

Some of you might be slightly confused by this posting since our 2.0.0 release was published just five days ago. No piece of software is perfect and our 2.0.0 release is no exception to this. Since we released last Thursday our 2.0.0 discs have received over 15,000 downloads - a number the Bodhi team and I are extremely happy with. With this large influx of users we have received a piles of user feedback and bug reports - some of which need to be dealt with right away (not two months from now when our next scheduled update release is set to come out).

With this in mind I would like to cut straight to the point and give you the disc downloads for 2.0.1 (as always torrent is fastest):

What was so pressing you ask that demanded we release bug fix ISO images now instead of waiting for our normal scheduled release? Well a few things:
  • Added a variety of firmware to the default install to greatly increase wireless support
  • Added support for booting the ISO image via grub2
  • Added some missing ACPI scripts so suspending works
  • Removed a few misc mentions of 10.04/1.4.0 left behind in documentation
Users that have already installed our 2.0.0 release (or alphas) and are keeping up to date with their software updates via the package manager will already be at our 2.0.1 release:

No need to reinstall for minor/bug fix releases - but I would encourage you to grab this latest ISO image for use with your live media.

~Jeff Hoogland

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