Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

Bodhi Linux 1.4.0 Released

The end of March is approaching and that means our first quarter update release is here! As is the case with all our update release packages are fairly fresh. Enlightenment has been built from a fresh SVN pull from March 20th and the default Midori browser has been updated to the latest release:

A more current build of the Linux kernel is in use as well. We are using the 3.2.0-19 build from upstream Ubuntu sources this release:

Beyond that you will find current versions of other non-default software in our repositories including Firefox 11, Chromium 17 and LibreOffice 3.5

A new feature this LiveCD sports that previous releases lacked is the ability to boot fully into system memory (RAM). Selecting this option will take slightly long for the live environment to boot (and needs at least 512meg RAM) - but once it is fully loaded things will run much quicker than they do from the CD and you can even eject/remove the disc! Neat right?

We also implemented a number of minor improvements to the base system. These include resolving an issue that had prevented PCManFM's application menu from working:

E17's everything module calculator feature now works out of the box:

Enlightenment's notification module is now enabled by default in our profiles:

Our setup wizard got some much needed color improvements:

and finally - as always - the default theme selection got a rotation:

On the release schedule I posted back in December I detailed that we would be having one more update release (1.5.0) to our 10.04 base before Bodhi 2.0.0 releases based on Ubuntu 12.04 I am currently undecided if I still want this to be the case or if the team and I will move directly to working on 2.0.0 - at any rate don't expect our next stable release till some time in June!

Oh - almost forgot. If you want to download our 1.4.0 release you can find a directly download hosted via source forge here or I always like to recommend using (and seeding!) our high speed torrent download found here. Current users please remember this is simply an update release - meaning you can upgrade your current Bodhi release to 1.4.0 by following the instructions found here.

~Jeff Hoogland

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