Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

Rank your Linux-Nerd Level

So you love your penguin powered computer huh? Just how does your level of Linux nerd stack up compared to the other Linux fans you know? Tally your points using the information below and find out.

The Easy Points (+1 each):

You know what Linux is.

You can name the Linux mascot.

You know what a "kernel" is (and I'm not talking about pop-corn).

You know the difference between Android, Ubuntu, and Linux (thats right folks - there is more to Linux than Ubuntu).

You use Linux every day.

The Average Nerd (+2 each):

You have installed a Linux-based OS on your own.

You have asked for help on a Linux forum/chat room.

You know the difference between Linux, BSD, Solaris and Unix.

You read FOSS new sites daily.

You use "free as in beer" to describe all things that are without cost - not just software.

The Serious Nerd (+3 each):

You solve more problems for other people than you ask about yourself on Linux forums/chat rooms.

You can install and configure Gentoo/Arch without documentation.

You recompile software for fun or too add a new build flag.

You know the difference between apt-get, yum, rpm and dpkg.

You own Linux merchandise and display it as often as possible (t-shirt, coffee mug, ect.)

The Duty of a Nerd (+4 each):

You have edited code that didn't want to compile so it would build correctly.

You contribute to/write for/maintain a Linux news website.

You own more computers than you can count on one hand and they all run some type of Linux.

The Nerdiest of them All (+5 each):

You maintain/regularly contribute code to an open source project.

You have written a patch that was accepted to the main-line Linux kernel.

OK go ahead and take a moment to tally up your points. Lets see what your total says about you:

Linux Ignorant (0-5 points):

Catch phrase: "Whats a 'linux'?"

Linux Newbie (6-10 points):

Catch phrase: "Hey guys - check out this new OS I found. It's free!"

Linux Jockey (11-20 points):

Catch phrase: "Here try this live CD."

Linux Tech (21-30 points):

Catch phrase: "OK first open a terminal..."

Linux Expert (31-40 points):

Catch phrase: "Hang on, I've got some code compiling."

Linux Master (41-50 points):

Catch Phrase: "Once I finish this software patch things are going to be sweet!"

Linux God (51+ points):

Catch Phrase: "Give me a moment, I am praying to Tux."

How do you rank on my little scale? Also please note this short little "quiz" is intended in good fun - it is not meant to be taken seriously in any way.

~Jeff Hoogland

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