Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

Bodhi Linux Release Schedule

With the recent release of Bodhi Linux 1.3.0 I've had a few questions as to what our release cycle is exactly. I'd like to take a short moment today to clarify what exactly on current release schedule looks like. Our version numbering looks something like this:


Where x represents a major release, y represents an update (or point) release and z represents a bug fix release.

We have a two year major release cycle. These releases will be centered around each new Ubuntu long term support (LTS) release. Our goal is to release our new major version in the July following the release of an Ubuntu LTS. Because we have such a long major release cycle, we will be releasing our "update" releases every three months. The goal of update releases is to keep the software on the LiveCD current and continue making small improvements to the default look of the system. Finally our bug fix releases will happen as needed when an issue is discovered with the default configuration.

And because people like time lines, this is what our release cycle for the next couple years looks like:

1.4.0 March 2012
1.5.0 June 2012 – Last Update release to our 10.04 base
2.0.0 July 2012 – First Stable release to our 12.04 base
2.1.0 September 2012 – First Update release to our 12.04 base
2.2.0 December 2012
2.3.0 March 2013
2.4.0 June 2013
2.5.0 September 2013
2.6.0 December 2013
2.7.0 March 2014
2.8.0 June 2014 - Last Update release to our 12.04 base
3.0.0 July 2014 - First Stable release to our 14.04 base

Pretty straight forward and obviously the only deviation from this list would be bug fix releases that may or may not be needed. Have any questions feel free to drop a comment below.

~Jeff Hoogland

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