Kamis, 08 September 2011

Bodhi Linux 1.2.0 Released

20,000 forum posts and over 100,000 downloads later the Bodhi team and I are proud to announce our second point release - Bodhi 1.2.0 Current Bodhi users can easily update their system to this latest release. This release is largely for keeping packages up to date, so the following are the core system packages that have been updated for this release:

Linux 3.0.0
Enlightenment built from SVN on 09/06/11
Midori 0.4.0

As many current Bodhi users know, we often update software in our repository. Just some of our recent software updates include:

Firefox 6.0
Chromium 13
Opera 11.51
nVidia 280.13

Speaking of repositories, we have been including the awesome GetDeb repo by default in Bodhi since our early releases. These repositories serve many people and often have bandwidth issues. Because of this we are now hosting our own mirror of GetDeb that will be used by default. Those with current Bodhi installs can update their sources.list to use the Bodhi mirror by replacing their current GetDeb line with the following:

deb http://getdeb.bodhilinux.com/getdeb lucid-getdeb apps games

There is more to this release than just packages though. Our document team has been working furiously to improve our docs, both on our wiki and our locally installed pages. Our Quick Start guide gained Dutch as a language this release, bringing out total number of languages to eleven. Our recently published "Bodhi Guide to Enlightenment" is also now stored locally for offline use in the Midori web browser.

In terms of functionality all of our default profiles have undergone minor changes to improve the user experience. The largest of which have gone into the fancy and tablet profiles. The fancy profile now has some penguins on your desktop by default and the tablet profile gained a sleek, touch friendly method of changing between applications.We have also added a new default profile with this release - Tiling. It has the tiling module enabled by default to make organizing the windows on your desktop take far less time.

Finally, one of the things that sets E apart from other desktops are it's choices of wonderful themes. Bodhi 1.2.0 brings with it seven new default themes for the desktop. The default E theme got a fresh new wall paper. Also included are Angelic2, Blue Angel, Migeul, Mystery, Passion and finally Smoke.

Oh, and of course download links! You can grab the high speed torrent download (recommend!) here or can find our direct download hosted by source forge here. Also - don't forget to vote in our desktop of the week contest. Our winning desktop from last week:

Have any questions/input/ideas feel free to drop a comment below as always.

Edit/Update: We are raffling off a Bodhi Linux powered Tablet/Netbook.

~Jeff Hoogland

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