Selasa, 02 Agustus 2011

Set Penguins Crawling on your Desktop!

There are a lot of great Enlightenment modules out there. Today I would like to feature one that is far more fun than it is useful. It is called simply "penguins" and it sets your choice of Penguins (or Lemmings!) crawling all over your desktop and interacting with your windows.

Like everything in the Enlightenment desktop, the module is fairly configurable. You can define the number of penguins you want on your desktop, their size and how transparent they are.

The following is a short demo video I recored of the module in action (P.S. Sorry for the distortion on the first ten seconds, something odd with the video file I uploaded to youtube):

Fun huh? For those interested in trying this on their own Bodhi desktop I have just uploaded this module to our testing branch this evening. It will make it's way into the main repository in a few days hopefully. If you don't want to wait the .deb can be got from here.

~Jeff Hoogland

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