Rabu, 08 Juni 2011

HOWTO: Easily Take Screenshots in the Enlightenment Desktop

Something I have had Enlightenment users ask about a few times now is how to take a screen shot. There are GUI tools such as Shutter or CLI tools such as emprint you can install, but you no longer have to! If you are using a current SVN revision of Enlightenment (built within the last week) you now have a super easy way to take and share screen shots of your Enlightenment desktop!

Enlightenment now has a built in "Shot" module that allows you to quickly take and save/upload screen shots. To utilize it first load the module from Settings->Modules:

After loading the module you will get an entry in your main menu for taking screen shots:

After taking a screen shot you are asked what you want to do with it:

You can save it:

Or upload it:

You can also set a key binding to take screen shots in Settings->All->Input->Keys:

Finally - remember that if you get some interesting screen shots you should be submitting them for the Bodhi desktop of the week contest!

~Jeff Hoogland

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