Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

Bodhi Linux RC2 & Updates

After three weeks of user input and a few bugs reports the Bodhi team and I are happy to present our second release candidate (version number 0.1.6). This version features package updates such as Firefox beta 11 and a number of small changes that make the system feel a bit more seamless. For a full change log see here.

The colors scheme of many things on the disc now matches our new website colors:


Login Screen

We have also improved the process a user goes through when first starting Bodhi. Instead of having a copy of each profile for every theme, a user now selects from our six profiles:

And then choose from one of seven themes:

That means with six profiles and seven themes a user has forty two different configurations to choose from on their fresh install of Bodhi!

Don't worry if you don't care for any of the default themes on the disc. The Bodhi Art website is now live, it is still being fleshed out fully - but once it is fully completed users will be able to easily find and install a selection of Enlightenment and GTK themes, as well as icon sets and Bodhi wallpapers. Speaking of icon sets, as of the 0.1.6 release the default icon set for Bodhi has been changed to MaXo ReMix:

Our software center recently got a make over as well, it looks cleaner and now features software application sets - so users that are new to Linux can easily have a fully functional Linux desktop with a single click. The software center isn't the only thing that has been growing in the Bodhi community. Our development team is now in the double digits! We are happy to welcome three new team members:

Mark Sumter & Gregory Sandoval will be aiding in disc development.


Stephen Houston is the second Enlightenment developer we are welcoming to the team. He is the creator of ephoto and other E-Goodness.

You can find the new disc available for direct download at source forge or via high speed torrent download. Please give the disc a download and let us know what you think by dropping a comment below or by stopping by our forums.

~Jeff Hoogland

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