Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Bodhi Linux Release Candidate

Today the Bodhi team and I are happy to announce our release candidate (0.1.5) is now available to the general public. This disc includes a number of package updates, most notably Firefox beta 10 and EFL 1.0 stable release. For a full change log see here.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words the following is a screen shot overview of some of the changes in the release candidate.

First Boot Screen

The setup wizard has been stream lined in this release. When booting the live disc there are now only two screens to go through:

Should you try the live cd and like it - the installer for Bodhi can now be easily found on your desktop:

To ensure you are no longer bored during the three minutes it takes for Bodhi to install there is now a slide show for you to watch that tells you what Bodhi is all about:

After you restart your system you will find our new login screen:

After logging in you will will go through the same two Enlightenment setup screens as the live CD followed by a third that asks you to choose your quick launch applications:

The release candidate also includes two new profiles. One that is optimized for tablet and netbook computers:

And another that has Ecomorph desktop effects configured by default:

Finally when you open up Firefox you will be greeted by our Bodhi quick start guide. This will hopefully ease the transition for those coming from other desktops to Enlightenment,

You can download the disc via torrent from here or from direct download here. Have any questions, comments or complaints please feel free to drop a comment below or make a post on our forums.

~Jeff Hoogland

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